About HD Property Lens

We are a full-service real estate photography company based in the Winelands.

We specialise in the creating of HIGH Definition Real Estate Photography, Videography, Aerial & 3D Virtual Tours for the rental, residential and commercial markets. 


It is our mission to satisfy all of your realty needs in a timely and flexible Fashion. 


From the first contact to the booking of your property shoot and beyond, we are always there if you need advice.


Our Process

We approach each client with the necessary care and attention to detail.  Making sure that your needs are met and that we provide you with professional advice!

So each project is unique and deserve our best!

Not all properties require all the services we offer.  So we attempt to work as close as possible with you as the client, to ensure that the services you select will suit your specific objectives and budget!

Our Quality Guarantee

Because we work closely with Home Sellers, Estate Agents and Letting Agents, we strive to drive forward a new standard in how properties are marketed to buyers and tenants. 

Agent:  Looking for that Sole-mandate?

Seller: Looking for the best price for your property?


With the help of an experienced, passionate team, we promise to capture quality images that highlight a room, a space or a property accurately in the best light; using top of the range equipment with time, care and attention to detail. 

You are in safe hands!

Take the leap.
Capture the opportunity today.